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A Janis Joplin & Legends of Rock Tribute Show... 

Amber is a powerhouse and during the first half of her show she performs the music of many legends of rock plus her original music! The second half of her show is dedicated to the greatest rocker of them all, the legendary JANIS JOPLIN. When she steps out on stage dressed as Janis herself and begins to sing you will feel as if you stepped back in time. With complete command of their styles and with authenticity of the music, even the original artists would find Amber Ferrari and her powerful band a fine tribute to their legacy. 

Please Come say Hi after the Show... Looking forward to meetin' ya!
Love & Peace XO,
Amber Ferrari of Joplin's Pearl

“Amber Ferrari is Amazing! There hasn’t been an artist as entertaining as her in a very long time. From Amber’s vocals, attire (some of which she designs herself), stage presence & heart will have you fall in love and want to see every show & no show is ever the same! Amber has a way of touching everyone in the audience and always gets her fans involved at her shows.”

Carole Nichols, Long Island, NY

"Seeing Amber Ferrari and Joplin's Pearl brought me right back to seeing Janis at Woodstock....closed my eyes and I was there. This gal does not imitate Joplin, she has channeled her very essence. Not just the sound but the whole package!!!! And the band is spot on! Thanks Amber, for bringing back great memories."

Peace, Flo Pope, Brookhaven, NY

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